Anya Smells Lolipop Scented Candle

Anya Smells Lolipop Scented Candle


Anya Hindmarch’s Anya Smells range is inspired by ‘scents that evoke happy memories‘, including this small Lollipop candle. It’s made by hand in the UK with a white wax filling inside a black glass vessel, and infused with sweet notes combining blackcurrant, rose, green mandarin, geranium, juniper and purple tongues.

Keep the whimsical piece by your desk to rejuvenate your working space.

Scented candle by Anya Hindmarch.

  • COLOUR: Black
  • COMPOSITION: Glass and wax.
  • Black glass vessel, white wax candle
  • Black and white eyes decal
  • Notes: Blackcurrant leaves, rose, geranium, juniper, green mandarin.
  • Burn time, approximately 30-40 hours


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